X4's LINK and ACTIVITY LEDs - how to control them?

ConnectPort X4/X4H…

I’ve not been able to find documentation on how Python (or ?) can control the XBee-related LEDs which are visible on the exterior of the enclosure.

When I run my Python program which uses XBee S1, non-Digi-Mesh, the LEDs both go out. Unlike the X2, the LEDs are not connected to the XBee itself. These LEDs are labeled “Link” and “Activity”. On the X2, the LEDs are “hardwired” to the XBee much like the XBIB board’s LEDs.

I’d like my code to manage the X4/X4H LEDs according to what messaging is occurring in my application which talks to the XBee via os.write() and os.read() to the serial port.

I’ve searched the user guide and RCI info but haven’t found anything yet on this topic.


As far as I know the only LED that can be controlled from Python in CPX4 device is status LED. Here are details http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Module:digihw

XBee link LED should be green in normal mode and act LED should blink orange when receiving or transmitting via XBee. According to the user manual “XBee module in gateway is disabled or not recognized” if XBee link LED is off.


I believe that the LEDs are not wired to the XBee but rather, are wired to GPIO bits on the CPU.

Since I disable the iDigi gateway mode, and use my own Python code to talk to the XBee via os.read()/write(), I’d like to control the LEDs.

It appears that the GPIO bits for the LED, if I’m correct, exist but aren’t documented anywhere I can find.

In my case, both LEDs are always dark.