Blink LED on Transmit/Receive (ping) XBee S6B

Hi there,

I’m trying to do a simple test with the XBee S6B (PCB Antenna-Through Hole) chip before integrating it into a larger device.
I want to be able to “ping” the XBee Chip, and have an LED blink when it receives the command, and then another LED blink when it replies.

So far, I can ping the XBee and get replies. The trouble comes with getting the LED’s to blink. See photo link below of the circuit that I’ve built.

Link: XBee-S6B LED Ping Test Schematic

The Associate LED (LED1), blinks as expected. Indicating that I am connected to my Wifi Network. However, the other 2 LED’s stays on constantly, and does not blink with ping’s.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

You are not going to be able to do what you want. You see the function of controlling an LED when the Ping command is received would have to exist within the radios firmware.

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Thanks. By chance do you know if there is a document or anything that can show me how I can send signals to the XBee using custom code (not through the X-CTU app) and receive a response via the pins in the XBee?

Try reading over the Product manual for the radio and its firmware you are working with. Anything you can do in XCTU can be done externally.