XB24-ZB - using ADC with END DEVICE AT

Hi everybody,

I use an Xbee module Serie 2 (zigbee modem) configure as a End device AT. Modem type : XB24-ZB.

I’d like to use the three onboard ADC. I’ve enabled ADC, I received values for ADC 1 and 2, but for ADC 3 I’ve a null value…

I test the pin with multmeter and read 0,867 V. This value is in accordance with the metering, so my pcb is ok.

How can I do to ask transffering data from zigbee module for the third ADC ?

I’ve test with 2 others zb modules and have the same problem, so the problem does not come from a hard proble of the module. But probably with configuration…

May be is it necessary to activate an output to use the ADC 3 ?
Can you help me?

Maybe you should try API type.

if you want to get data from remote, your end device can be loaded with API or AT firmware but your coordinator or base unit should be loaded with API firmware for accessing the remote modeule.