XB3 Cellular LTE CAT 1 AT&T version obsolete?

In the user manual for the XB3 cellular development kit it says “Telit LE866A1-NA (AT&T, not recommended for new designs)”

The AT&T version is no longer listed in the available part number section on the XB3 LTE Cat 1 module product page.

DigiKey still has some in stock, marked as obsolete.

Does this mean there will be no more AT&T LTE Cat 1 modules, or is an update in the works?


Digi has to discontinue this product due to EOL of Telit cellular modem that it incorporates. A new module supporting AT&T is in making but it will take a while before its available.

In the meantime, you may consider looking at Verizon version of this module.

Digi Technical Support

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Of course Verizon may not be available in all locations. We also have the option of CAT-M or NBIOT depending on the location but as I understand it not every tower has this feature and it is more common in areas that are converting to 5G.

Also to consider, supposedly CAT M has better range.

My potential application has a lot of rural locations, hard to tell what kind of success we will have with the available technologies and carriers without doing a lot of site surveys.

Let me know when there is a Starlink module.