Xbee 3 Things Plus - Not recieving on RX pin from TX of Arduino

I am sending a single character (A-Z) from an Arduino’s TX pin to my Xbee 3 Things Plus RX pin.

When the Xbee3 receives data I use micro-python to send that character to another xbee3 device. This works perfect.

Problem is when the Arduino is sending from its TX to the Xbee3 RX pin it is not working.

I am using these to read the RX pin.


Do I need to add something to my micro-python code to allow it to read RX pin from the Arduino? I have tested that the Arduino is sending data out of the TX pin correctly as well. Just seems to have issues talking to RX pin of Xbee3.

Also if needed I don’t have to use MicroPython, if there is another way to get this to work I am willing to change it.

Yes, you would need to add a function to listen to the pins. Better question is why are you using both? Why not just use either Micro Python or the Arduino via the XBee’s API and UART?

Thank you for the reply! Do you have more info on how to listen on those pins?

I have them set already in XCTU for DIN and DOUT(UART). I also do not see anywhere in the digi manual for micropython on how to do this.

Also to your last point, I did order a seperate xbee3 module to connect directly to my Arduino so I can use the API. I would still like to get this to work as it seems Arduino library has an issue with xbee3.