XBee 3 timing (reset and sleep)

Hello everyone,

I’m using XBEE3 modules (xb3-2478pt-J), with latest 802.15.4 firmware.

When my system starts, it resets XBEE module (using RESET pin). I have search through user manual (90002273) and hardware reference manual (90001543) but I’m unable to find timing for RESET pin. How long should I maintain pin low and how many times should I wait before being able to communicate with the module when I release RESET pin.

Similarly, there is no timing around SLEEP_REQ pin. There is a chapter dealing with conditions to enter sleep mode, but there is nothing about time it takes for XBEE to wake up and being able to communicate again.

Where can I find such information ?
Thank you and best regards

First, you should not be resetting the module very often. That should only occur if the module is not responding.
The pin is level triggered.

For the sleep request line, just simply monitor /CTS for the change of state. I would expect it to occur within a few ms from the change of state on the sleep request line if that function is enabled.