[xbee 3g global] how check voice calls in micropython/transparent mode?

  • how can i check when there’s a voice call in the micropython mode? , i can’t understand how connect the micropython environment with AT commands and voice calls

  • when the digi is in transparent mode, it doesn’t send the “RING” alert in the voice call via serial, how can i see it?

Voice call functionality is not available in the XBee Firmware/MicroPython, you will need to use bypass mode and the uBlox chipset AT commands for voice call functionality.


I suspected it ;( , thanks !!

Also FYI @telejuan, since you mentioned not getting a RING URC in transparent mode: “transparent mode” on an XBee probably isn’t what you think it is. In order to directly interface with the u-blox chipset, you must use bypass mode. On XBee3 Cellular devices you also have the option of USB Direct mode. On an XBee, “transparent mode” is basically the same as the “direct link” socket mode of the u-blox modem.