XBee 868 crashes!

We are working to extend the functionality of one product to support XBee 868 for European markets. 9XTend and XBee 2.4 modules are already supported and are working fine.

We ran several test using XTend, XBee 2.4 and XBee 868 with our product. All modules performed correctly except XBee 868 which work for a few minutes before either one of both modules completely stop communicating. When this happen, even a PC using X-CTU is not able to communicate with the module. The only way I am able to communicate with the device again is to hard reset it - unplug then plug power back. It looks to me like a firmware crashes!

The microcontroller communicates over serial port at 115200 bauds with hardware flow control and using API without escape.

ndbtech - Unlike the XTend and other XBee products, the XBee-PRO 868 is limited to a 10% duty cycle. This means that it can only send data for up to 6 min per hour. I believe this is the real issue you are experiencing. To resolve it, you need to decrease the amount of data going to the radios.