board hanging

i am using xbee 865/868 module in mesh network for my project. We have also noticed Xbee modules hanging some times. Once the module hangs, hard reset is required to bring up the module again. What could be the cause of this hanging? We checked our controller and it is working fine without any problem,
kindly please provide solution for my problem

Could it be that you are reaching the radios transmit duty cycle limit? The pro module can only be transmitting 11% of the time it is powered on including all re-transmissions or multi-transmits.

no the radio module not reaching the transmit duty cycle limit

and one more problem we are with 865/868 module data missing between the nodes. we keep as all nodes in default setting and 2.1 db external antenna we are using for testing in the indoor.
please provide me also to my problem

What is the exact part number of the radio you are working with?

What settings have been changed from their default values?

What are you mounting the radio on in order to connect it to the PC?

i am using xbee s8 and version 8074

no i didn’t change any default settings

i am using digi usb base board for mount the radio on in order to connect it to the pc

s8 is not a part number. The part numbers begin with an XB or XBP number and it is on the white label on the shield side of the module?

sry for the mistake
the actual part number is XB8-DMPS

Are you using API mode? If so, are you using API mode 1 or 2?

no i am using AT mode

Are you trying to stream data with it?

yes were trying stream data. because my application is to control the lights and fans in the home

Controlling a light or fan is not something you should be Streaming data to control. Streaming data would be for sending large files or large amounts of data.

Light control and Temp control should be simple On off commands sent infrequently.

we are sending the 16 bit address code. the seq is controller name, relay id and on/off xxx control

By 16 bit address code, do you mean that you are not using the radios 64 bit addressing function and just using the 16 bit network address?

yes, i think