XBee 868LP restrictions on use in some European countries

We are about to start selling a product that has the XBEE 868LP within it. I am finalizing the sales literature and manual and have realized that the 868 MHz Short Range Device band has not been fully harmonized across all European countries.

This point is referred to in the 868LP user guide. It says “The XBee RF Modules (excluding the PRO) have been certified for use in several European countries. For a complete list, refer to www.digi.com.” It also list some restrictions, but this seems to be out of date and gives no specific about frequencies ranges you can use in the different countries.

I cannot find any more information or an update on the restrictions on the Digi website. Has anyone found this information please?

Have you looked at http://www.digi.com/resources/certifications ?

I had looked at the at the relevant document for the 868LP and it is only a declaration of conformance to the EU standards. It does not describe which countries this is applicable in or any restrictions.

I have also reviewed the manual and the references to the wavebands relate to an old CEPT document not the latest one.