Some irritations with those new "XBee868LP"

it’s regarding those new “XBee868LP”: There are some irritations on it’s frequency channels and also it’s channel masking calculation:
As far as i understand, we in Europe only can use range 868-870 MHz for data communication. So according to channel list in corresponding manual, we are limited for using it’s channels 25-29.
I am irritated because Ch.27 ( 868.55 MHz ) is noted as belonging to band g2 and Ch.29 ( 868.95 MHz ) as belonging to band g4.
According to my SRD papers, the partial bands mentioned for those two frequencies are different from this. Or could it be, Ch.29 frequency isn’t 868.95 MHz in real, but somewhere in band g4 ( 869.70-670.00 MHz ) instead?

A second irritation:
Manual says: “When the channel mask is set to 0x200000000, the radio will be in g4 band mode”.
This should relate Ch.29, but when trying to calculate the Hex-Data value for this channel myself, i did end with 0x20000000 instead.
So what is right?