XBP9B-DMWT-002 for 868MHz

does digi has a replacement of XBP9B-DMWT-002 (high power 902 - 928 MHz with digimesh) but for EU?
I see XBP08-DPWIT-024 but this one is without digimesh, only multipoint to one.

There is only a low power version that offers mesh.


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Thanks. Do you know what is the reason for this (only low power) ?

Has to do with regulations within the 868 band for Europe.

Thank you. Last question: I found that in EU band for <=500 mW is 869,400…869,650 . Does XBP08-DPWIT-024 use this frequency?

I would suggest looking at pages 10 and 11 in the product manual located at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90002126_G.pdf. It will provide you the specific frequencies used.

Thanks, great pdf but do you have something similar for XBP08-DPWIT-024 (high power 868)? In XCTU I don’s see posibility to change the channel, the name of modem is “XBP08-DP”, function: “XBee-PRO 868 Single Channel”, 1061.

The actual frequency the XBee PRO 868 operates on is 869.400 - 869.650 MHz and it not adjustable.

Great, have a nice day!