XBee 865/868LP 80K MESH NETWORK with XBee-PRO 868 Single Channel

i have a

XBee 865/868LP 80K and i am trying to connect it with 2 XBee-PRO 868 Single Channel modules…

everything is in stock settings the 2 XBee-PRO 868 Single Channel modules connect between them just fine ,
but the 865/868LP cannot be connected it with them,

The settings that i made
Channel mask =3FFFFFFF Europe:0x3FFFFFFF (channels 0 -29, 863.15 -869.85 Hz)

Network Id = 7FFF

Everything else is stock settings

In console mode there is nothing moving between those modules …

This can be done ? or am i missing something (can not be done at all)


are the 865/868LP compatible with the
XBee-PRO 868 Single Channel modules

No they use different technologies on the RF level. They will never work.

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