Communication Compatible digi xbee modules ?

I ve couple of xbee pro 868 modules and i need to enhange my network with same frequency modules. So i have to buy new design 868 mhz xbee modules. Because xbee-pro modules obsolote,no more production.
My question is;
Does Xbee-PRO 868 (XBP08-DK) modules communicate with new design digi xbee sx 868 ( XB8X-DMUS-001 ) modules and vice versa ?
Fully communicate compatible with each others ?

Yes they will as long as you configure the XBee 868SX to use the same channel functions.

Hi Eric,
I ve just handled to new Xbee 868SX modules, and could not able to communicate with legancy XBee Pro 868 Modules.
There are some new parameters appear in the new xbee modules especialy CM (Channel Mask), HP (Preamble ID)…ext
In order to communicate new modules to old one How to i configure match configuration settings in the Xbee new one ?

Here is the My xbee pro 868 modules (XBP08-DK) config parameters which i m currently use;

Whenever i compared Product family parameters between Xbee 868SX and legancy XBee Pro 868 Modules setting;
There is no Channel Mask Selection settings available in the Legacy XBee Pro 868 Modules and also CM, HP, BH, NH, TO Parameters are missing in the legacy one as well. In order to communicate each other, how to i set matching parameters of the XBee-Pro 868 Modules and XBee 868SX ?
Best Regards

They are not going to talk to each other as they run at different data rates.