Xbee and Iris mote communication


I am currently working on a project where I have to make communicate different kind of nodes together: Iris motes based on TinyOS 2.x on one side and a device with an Xbee component (Xbee series 2 with firmware XB24-ZB version 2141) on the other side.

I wanted to know if this was possible, is the Xbee chip with the current firmware 802.15.4 compliant?

I did some research but I can’t seem to find a clear answer and I have done some tests that weren’t helpful. Does anyone know more about this?

Thanks in advance,


The chip you mentioned is Zigbee compliant, which is a protocol built on 802.15.4 technology (but not directly compatible with 802.15.4).

We have a white paper on our site which discusses these technologies:

Thank you for your answer.

The compatibility issue is my main problem, is there a firmware for Xbee series 2 similar to the 802.15.4 firmware for series 1?

If not can I configure a non-beacon enabled PAN with the Xbee series 2? With which firmware?

thank you again for your help.