xbee and raspberry pi

How do i communicate with a xbee s1 pro on a usb explorer connected to a laptop and another xbee s1 pro which is connected to a raspberry pi via UART. There is no x-ctu program for Raspberry Pi 2, Do not even suggest minicom, it’s retarded.

I need to send text, webpages, video, audio, etc from one xbee to another xbee wirelessly. There are no tutorials online, everyone one seem to be printing some sort of text. If this can not be accomplished then i guess i have to throw away this piece of junk…

This is my ultimate goal :

  1. a user with a UHF RFID tag makes contact with a UHF RFID reader
    (that is hooked up to a xbee pro series 1 and a Raspberry PI 2 - ) Role= Router Xbee connected to raspberry using UART, TX,-RX AND RX-TX

  2. which causes it to trigger and display a text, webpage , video, audio on the Raspberry pi screen.

3)The text, video, webpage, audio, etc files are sent from a remote Laptop which acts as the Coordinator Xbee pro series 1. The Xbee is connected to the laptop using a USB Explorer Dongle. The Laptop on the other end is the Coordinator that is the Base Station.

Only using Python Programming Language.

Thank you in advance!

You need to write an application that Opens COM port, then using a protocol such as Xmodem, sends the file.

That is all that you need to do.