How to make XBee (Coordinator) to redirect instructions from Raspberry Pi to the End device

I want to control an LED from my computer and Samrt phone throught the ZigBee network using 2 XBee S2C modules. Both my XBees are configured (as Coordinator and End device) using X-CTU software and I can simply do the chat communicxation between them. I connected my XBee (End device) to an Arduino that can be connected to the LED. However, my coordinator is only the other XBee with no Arduino. My question is: what is easiest way to Send instruction from a Raspberry Pi for exmaple to coordinator that can simply redirect them to the End device to reflect the LED status (On/OFF)? Do I need another Arduino for my coordinator ?

Thanks in Advance.

So what is connected to the Coordinator that is going to send the directions or commands to your end device and Raspberry PI?