Xbee Coordinator Issuse?

i want to make a network star network(one coordinator and 2 end device ) using XBEE. Aim of the project is sending data from end device to coordinator…(not from cordinator to end device…) for that i configured xbees using XCTU. In end device’s destination address i wrote serial number or MY address of Coordinator… my question is that what can i write in destination address of coordinator? because no sending of data form coordinator to end device. can i write any random address(except end device address)or 0x000000… or 0xfffffff… in destination address of coordinator?

If Coordinator is not transmitting, then address provided in DH and DL field is irrelevant.

However, if you wish to avoid transmission from Coordinator even by mistake, then do not use address 0xFFFF. This is broadcast address and all modules will thus receive data transmitted from Coordinator.

Its best to provide random address to Coordinator in that scenario.

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thank you for the reply… :slight_smile:

thank you for the reply… :slight_smile:
my another question is ,

how to configure xbees when there are multiple End device (with sensor ,and microcontroller) and one coordinator?

Conrdinator is connected to the PC.

what to use AT mode or API mode?what is main difference between them?

In this type of communication when two (End Device) xbee transmit data,there will a interference between them?so how to avoid?

one told me sleep mode is used in this type of communication but i don’t know how to use? plz help me…