Xbee: Joining a network using a 16-bit PAN ID

I am using Zigbee Pro modules from another manufacturer. These modules use a 16-bit PAN ID to form a network. I am trying to determine whether I can use Xbee modules on my existing network which uses these modules.

My Xbee S2 module can join this network but only if I specify a PAN ID of 0 in the Xbee module, so that Xbee scans for networks. I need to be able to specify the exact PAN ID to join, but Xbee only allows me to specify the 64-bit extended PAN ID which is not compatible with 16-bit PAN ID on existing networks.

Any ideas?

What zigbee standard are your other modules Certified to?

Zigbee Pro 2007

You can still set the PAN ID (ID) to the desired value. Just set it with all 00’s except for the first 16 bites.

no this doesn’t work. It doesn’t connect to the my existing network. The 64-bit Extended PanID appears to be completely different from the 16-bit PanID, which is not its subset.

Try following the section of the product manual for replacing the Coordinator on page 54. It explains how to set the 16 bit PAN ID (II).