xbee labview communication

hi friends i am tushar joshi student of vtu belgaum.i am doing project on xbee-PRO using labview.my problem is that i have sent a frame to make remote xbee d0 bit as a adc.i am able to communicate with labview but not getting the proper wave.

    i am unable to set the correct timings of 2 xbee.

can anybody tell me how to set the correct timing so i can get the proper wave?



Can you get a result if you manually build the packets using the XCTU utility? You can do this from: XCTU -> terminal.

Also, see this API generator. It will confirm if your API frames are correct. I just emailed it to you.


I am not sure what you mean by ‘wave’? Are you trying to do a time-series and see a graph?

If you use the IR value, you can have the Xbee send data samples on time, but I doubt you can get more than 10 or 20 samples per second.

Hey Knight (kjensen8)

Can you send me too this API generator?

Email it to me if yes.

It seems to be a good tool.