adc synchronisation in xbee

hi friends i am working on 2 xbee pro rf module.

i have given adc signal to d0 pin of the remote xbee.

i am getting the wave but not able to synchronize it for lower delay.

can anybody guide me what mistake i am doing?

What do you mean ‘lower delay’? I do not think the 802.15.4 module has any form of ‘report-on-change’ function.

So your only option is to have the Xbee push the IO status every ‘X’ milliseconds. I do not use the 802.15.4 Xbee, so do not know of the limits, but I doubt you will be successful in getting the refresh rate below 50 to 100msec per update.

thank yo sir for your replay.

actually i want to see the synchronized adc wave on labview.

i have written the vi for that and getting output also.

the wave i am getting is for lower i increased the speed

the wave is being distorted.

my problem is that how to set the xbee so that i will get the same wave even if i increased the speed?

i want to speed up the same wave.

thank you sir.