Xbee Maximal Speed

Hi !
I have a simple question about Xbee : I would like to know if it is possible for a xbee module to send a simple char in less than 10 ms ?

I’m actually benchmarking the module with my computer and the digi’s xbee devel kit. My benchmark looks like this :

PC —serial(usb)— xbee air xbee —serial— Serial loop

I have made a simple tool to monitor how much time does it takes for a simple char to get the xbee serial card, and go back.

With 115200 baudrate, the whole chain takes around 16ms, which is too slow for my application.
I get 0.5ms with the serial connexion ( PC ----UART---- Arduino) !

I have tried many different configurations in X-CTU, but none was faster than the basic default configuration…

Thank you for your answer.

Thanks for your reply.
Thank to the Digi’s USB card, especially the FTDI component, I had a 16ms latency. Now I know why…