XBee module not receiving RF data after reset

I have one of 2 modules that aren’t working properly in the Serial Dev board. One module works and the other does not receive RF data (from a nearby Module connected to my product) until after I “Read Modem Parameters” in X-CTU. It then receives data correctly. If I push the reset on the Dev board, it quits receiving until I again “Read Modem Parameters”. This is not very convenient when I try to put the module in my Target system and it won’t receive data!

Please help,


I’d recommend reburning the firmware on the module, and see if it still behaves the same. The parameters will be reset to factory after the new firmware load, so its a good thing to try. If the behavior persists, you’ll likely want to RMA that module.

There’s one AT command “WR”, you can see at the long datasheet, it saves your configuratio in non-volatile memory for undesired resets.