Xbee modules dont work in release mode but do work in debug mode

When in debug mode and I set the debugger to run mode the two modules talk to each other - But when I change to release mode
the modues do not receive the data even though I have tested with my oscilloscope that that data is being sent from the pic microcontroller to the Din pin of the Xbee.
in both release and debug mode.
I did upgrade firmware in Xbee using Xctu as these modules are quite old- could that be the problem?



Peter what is the exact XBee module part number and firmware version you are working with?

Thanks for your reply.

both are Rev 2 PN: 30009652-01
I’m not sure about the ‘6’ and ‘5’ as they are partially covered by the antenna. There is date - 2009-04-01
Current firmware version is 1084

If I reset the modules using AT command (ATRE) could that fix the problem?


Peter Barrett MIEAust

These are not programmable modules. You should not be trying to upload any code with a Debugger to them.

Peter I don’t think that is a Programmable module. The part number I am looking for should be something like XB24-AWI-001 and will be on the white label on the bottom of the module.