xbee needs to be reset continually

I have finally gotten one of my XBee wifis to work. I am using to send out continuous data across the network. However I have something odd that happens and not all the time.

The supply voltage to the xbees is 3v, and every now and then the xbee locks up, when I measure the voltage its at 4v. I have to take the xbee out of my board and place it into the USB board and then reset the xbee through that.

I have been using my card with the xbee pros and have had no problems, it is on with the xbee wifi. It can be that I have turned the power to it off, or just some times it get itself in jam.
It can get in a jam after 5minutes or after 5 hours, and all it is doing is sending data out continuously

Any suggestions as to why? OR what can I do to avoid this

And just to add to this, I had an xbee card connected to my computer through the usb dev board, and after rebooting my computer, the xbee had jammed and a reset through xtcu needed to be done.

Any suggestions?