Xbee Weird Reset

Hello everybody

I’m trying to understand why my Xbees reset themselves after receiving datas…Here is what happens:

A transmitter Xbee reads when a button is pressed and sends the button status to the receiver Xbee(coordinator) that should then turn on Leds ( im using also arduinos boards )… after they make this comunication they strangely reset, doing setup again ( settings ATID ATDH and so on )…BUT the COORDINATOR cannot start properly if the Transmitter keep sending…Meaning that i have the cut the power to the transmitter in order to make coordinator setup again and startin all over…

So can you tell me why they reset them selves this way???

Strange indeed… I can only think on a power supply problem. Maybe you could check if the voltage is too low (2.1V for regular modules, 3.0V for PRO), or if your regulator is unable to give enough current (normally 40-45 mA per module, but can be up to 295 mA for a transmitting PRO!)
Hope this helps…