XBee Reset Intermittent

Hi All,
XCTU regularly asks be to reset my XBee, but holding Pin 5(RST) to Pin 10 (Gnd) is intermittent in working.
Sometimes it will take 3/4 tries and then it works. Other times i’ll try dozens of times and nothing will work until I pull the USB out and back in again.

Is this normal for everyone else? It happens on all 4 of my XBees, all 3 of the USB cables, both my Mac USB ports and both my desktops ports, and both of my XBee Explorers. I can’t be that unlucky that I had that much bad hardware?

Is there any other point of failure which can cause dodgy intermittent resets?

It asks to reset way too often to be useable in production, and the reset process takes minutes normally until it works.

XBee Pro ZB2 - APIMode 2

With the new Update, the XBee flashes a LED Red while the pins are held down, showing the reset is being triggered correctly, but the issue still exists.