XBee (Non programble version XB8-DMUS)Is there any way to update using XCTU over the air ?

We are using the Xbee module in a custom board using TX and Rx only (Non programmable version).
We had a problem with hoping , the new devices we bought have not routing the packets to destination node , but the xbee module which came with eval board worked fine, we updated the new devices by placing it in evalboard and worked fine.

So we need to update the xbees in the custom board without removing or altering through Over the air (OTA).

Is it possible to update xbee firmware over the air through XCTU?

Note: our xbee is non programmable,we want xbee version update like 10K to 80K l

Not through the current version of X-CTU. You could get a Gateway and do this although I understand you would have to entice Digi support into getting you some beta firmware to support the XB868LP, however I suspect that with a bit of ingenuity you could use code from the Python Wiki at Digi and create your own code to do OTA updating.

I would as a standard practice install a mini usb port with a FTDI chip supporting full flow control so that I could do an emergency reflash when required, as it is possible for a OTA to fail leaving the module in a state that it must be reflashed via a wire to restore it.