XBee PAN to Internet?

Hi folks.

Just wondering how I integrate a handful of long range XBee modules into a LAN. It’s for data acquisition where I’ll be taking an analog reading every 10 minutes or so, then sending it to a MySQL database. The PAN I understand, but the gateway to the server, I’m all confused about.

Do I need an X2 to switch it to IP? I can provide a http GET method to post the values, but how do I construct the GET URI? Is that in the X2? I want this to be all in-house and not into someone else’s hands. There should be some kind of solution out there, even if has to be written in Ruby, which is just fine.

Any advice appreciated.


hi daBee,

Good questions. Yes you would need some kind of device to convert the zigbee network to the IP. The Digi X2 can do this provided you program it with this. You would need to run a python program on it that would take the zigbee data and then send it as IP traffic (HTTP).