Hi. I’m interested in building a system based on Xbee-components.
I’m considering to use the XBIB devolopment board, but im not sure yet…

The idea is to register a signal from two or more sensors (0 or 1) useing Xbee-modules , send the signal to a gateway (?) and from there to the VPN / network where i can monitor all sensors(modules) as ip-adresses on a computer.

Where to start?
Which Xbee-parts do i need?

Ive attached an image to make it easier to understand what i want to do.

I hope on quick and positive response


Unless you need Routers to extend your range. I would recommend the 802.15.4 XBee versions.

This might be a good fit for a ConnectPort X gateway along with some sensors, running the Dia.

Keep in mind that Dia only runs on Zigbee (ZB) currently, so mvut’s suggestion of using 802.15.4 wouldn’t work if you plan on using Dia. Also, your sensors wouldn’t be seen on the PC as IP addresses, but could be presented on a webpage for you.

For more info about Dia, check the various tabs on this resource page: http://www.idigi.com/resources.jsp

Yes i’m aware of Dia, but that is “only” software for it right?

I mean, i’m still unsure about which components i should order…a starter kit…gateway etc?

Is it possible to use Java interface along with the Dia, so i dont have to use the internet?