XBee Pro 60mW Antenna Snapped

I have two XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4). in one of the device antenna snapped. I soldered it back same wire.

Now I have trouble in communication. Considering snapped antenna device is used a TX. I am able to send a message to RX from all around the house.

For feedback I send a message from RX to TX but this message is not received by RX if the distance is more than 3 feet line of site.

Can you help me debug this , what is causing it ? What are my options ?

Connections on module’s top are very tiny and close to each other. Don’t try any more soldering.

From my experience, the best option is to opt for replacement.

You are most likely going to need to order a new modules as you most likely damaged one of the components next to the antenna port when you re-soldered the wire or when it broke off.

You mean replace the device ?

But in that case it should not work at all ? It still works when the distance is within 3 feets and RX gets signal anyway ?

You can damage a module and still have some communications occur just due to leakage over a foot or two. It is over distance where you can determine if there has been issues or not. In this case, it worked before over distance and it no longer does. That would indicate that it has been damaged.

Yes, best option is to replace this unit with new one.