XBee Pro S1 ATCN no OK response

When configuring several XBee Pros using a script, occasionally the script hangs waiting for an ‘OK\r’ response from the ATCN (exit command mode) command. Is this expected behavior, or should the XBees always respond with ‘OK\r’. This is with firmware version 10EC and 10EF (device XBP24).

That is dependent upon the commands you are issuing and how long after you issue the command. For example the ATDN command will exit command mode on its own.

After sending 60-70 configuration commands (waiting for OK after each), then issuing the ATCN command, should I always expect to receive an OK from the module (for the ATCN command) as it exits command mode?

depending on what the command was you issued just before the ATCN and how long after sending the last commands will depend on if you will get the OK or not.