Xbee Pro S1 in Master Slave Configuration

I have a few Xbee Pro S1 modules. I intend to use it in Mesh configuration. All the Devices are Configured to operate in router mode. All the devices will be placed far from each other and so some devices may not be in range with some others.

Out of the n Devices One device will Assert itself as Master. And the master will need to send data to all devices, even to the ones directly out of range, through mesh network. And the master needs to get ack individually from all slaves(can be managed through another layer of custom protocol).

What I’m planning to do is to scan the whole network, get the device ID of all slaves and send unicast data and get ack from the individual slave(custom reply).

I’m planning to scan the network for available devices using ATND. In that case Will the Master device be able to get the address of all the available slaves including the ones that are directly out of range?

Yes but it may take a few times issuing the ND command to get them all.

But how do I know if all the devices have been discovered?Is there any sure shot way to determine the no of devices in mesh?

You can use the ZDO commands to read a neighbor table or use the FN command.

mvut, Thanks for your reply.
I’m using xbee s1 pro and this module doesnt have the commands that you mentioned.