Creating mesh with Xbee 802.15.4 series 1 modules

i am using 3 xbee Series 1 devices . 2 are slaves and the third one is master. a bi directional communication has to take place between salves and master and at the same time the 2 slaves are communicating with each other too.

the problem i am facing is that the master is unable to differentiate between the two slaves i-e if the two slaves are communicating all the time some data to master , the master picks up the data from either one of them at a single instant. when the communication drops between salve 1 and master , only then master connects to slave 2 .

so , is it the limitation of series 1 modules ? how can i create such a mesh by using the same devices? (broadcasting maybe ?)

thanks !!

If you use the API to trasmit/receive data, the messages all have the sender’s address in it.