How to make Mesh with Xbee serie2 pro + Arduino

Hi!! im new in this forum. I need that someone help me. I am trying to make a mesh, with 1coor and 3 Router.
CO-----R1—R2—R3. Coord want to R3 turn on 1Led , but the message is sent throug R1 and R2. I dont know how configure the coord and Routers to do this. Is possible in modo AT or is necesary do it in modo API??
I need the first steps to do this…because, in the future, i need to report > 100 nodes. Is my proyect end career.
Thanks and hope someone can help me!!!

Hi Clara,

don’t worry about the meshing, this is done fully automatic for you by the Zigbee stack.

But in order to control IO’s like you want to do you will have to use API mode.

Please do read the Product Manual from Digi for te XBee ZB modules, it is a lot but will give you all details and answeres you are looking for.

Happy Weekend !!