Xbee pro s2 stops responding


I have a small mesh network with one coordinator (XBP24-BZ7PIT-004) and 3 end devices.
The enddevices sleep for 1 s before waking up to check for data.

The system works for the most part ok but recently the coordinator have statded to
freeze at random times, about once every other day.

The only way to get it back online is to power-cycle the coordinator.

The coordinator is attatched to a XBee Explorer USB board to a computer usign api mode 2 with escape characters.

Coordinator firmware: xb24-zb ver: 218c

Have anyone experienced any problem like this?
It’s the new xbee explorer board with a 500ma regulator on it so it shouldn’t be a power problem.

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Can you better explain what you mean by ‘freeze’?

  • Does the associate LED still blink?
  • Do the end-devices appear to locate their parent (look at the LED blink if they have any).
  • Does it just stop responding to serial data?
  • Are you using 9600 baud or something else?
  • Is the XBee Explorer getting power from USB (I’m not familar with that board).

You might want to try newer firmware.

One thing that might help is having a 5th Xbee set up for API Router on a PC which you can associate to this set, the using XCTU ‘remote config’ option you can ‘browse’ the nodes and see if perhaps this is just a serial issue.