Xbee Pro S2C in Ardiono Not Receive Correct Packet from Xbee Pro S2C in XCTU

I am trying to communicate 2 xbee pro s2c digimesh 2.4. One in arduino side and one in PC XCTU.
Both are set to end device (since digimesh works in homogeneous, so this should be doesn’t matter). I use API=2.

In arduino I send payload to XCTU and it works great. XCTU can receive the packet correctly and send ACK back to arduino (TO set to C0 and use unicast 64 address).

Now the problem occurred when I send packet from XCTU to arduino. Rule is the same. TO set to C0 and use unicast 64 address. But arduino receive invalid packet. But I tried to send from XCTU with broadcast instead of unicast, arduino receive the packet correctly.

The packet sent from XCTU as follow:
7E 00 12 10 01 00 7D 33 A2 00 41 55 8E D4 FF FE 00 C0 74 65 73 74 C4

And the transmit status in XCTU as follow:
7E 00 07 8B 01 FF FE 00 00 00 76

And here is I got in arduino side:
0 4 6 7D 26 34 41 3 3D AD FE C1 74 65 73 74 A0 0 0 0 0 0 0

There you see…the first what is coming is not the corect delimiter which is 7E. Instead it is showing 0…!

And to output in arduino, I just output as raw data from serial as it is and convert it to HEX, as follow:

if (serialBee.available()) {

What make me baffled, I got receive correct packet when XCTU send via broadcast, means 64 address set to 0xffff. So why I can get correct packet when send in broadcast but failed receive correct packet when send in unicast?

Any help I really appreciate.

Thank you