Xbee pro s2c XBP24C module AT mode

I have xbee pro s2c 63mW long range rf module and I am using the xctu program to program the module.
Then couldn’t see AT receiver or AT coordinator in update menu.

In XCTU has 802.15.4 TH Pro, DigiMesh 2.4 TH Pro, Zigbee Th Pro in function set.

What are the meanings of these?
How do I set it as a transceiver?

The XBee modules are Transceivers. That means that they can do both transmit and receive. So there is no such thing as an AT receiver.

The functions 802.15.4, Digi Mesh 2.4 and Zigbee all stand for different protocols that you can communicate with over the air.

An XBee loaded with 802.15.4 firmware at default will communicate in both directions with any other XBee 802.15.4 module also at its default state.