XBEE PRO SX 900 : Compatibility Between XBP9X-DMUS-011 and XBP9X-DMRS-001

Dear all,

First of all, we evaluated the XBEE SX PRO trough the development kit XK9X-DMS-0, which comes with two boards containing the XBP9X-DMRS-001 module. After aproving the solution, we designed and built our application using the XBP9X-DMUS-011, which is the Brazillian version of the module.

Is it possible to make the XBP9X-DMRS-001 to communicate with the XBP9X-DMUS-011 under API without scapes mode or in any other mode? If yes, would you be able to provide a config value for CM for each module?

Thank you in advance,



No it is not as they operate over different frequencies.