XBP9X DMUS-001 work with XBee Pro 539 ok?

I’m designing a simple low data point to point application that will be one way, a TX and a receiver.

I’m going to use the XBP9X DMUS-001 for the TX and I have some XBee Pro 539s I bought, will I be able to use one of them as the receiver with the XBP9X DMUS-001 or do I need to buy another XBP9X ?

It’s all digimesh, they should talk to each other no problem right?
I don’t need 1 W transmission capabilities on the receiver side do I?


I think you mean XBee PRO S3B modules. No, they are not able to communicate with each other.

Both are Digimesh, the new stuff isnt backwards compatible??
I guess they want people to move to the new technology only.

I asked tech support about XTend modules for the XBee Pro 539s I bought but couldn’t get a straight answer.

Then I asked what XBee had the best range and they told me the XBP9X.

I guess I need another XBP9X now and I’ll have to find a use for the two 539s I bought.

Do you know a pin socket I can solder the XBP9X into?
They told me about the development board for it but I just want to use it with a pins all the time so I can take it out of my device when I need to.

539s is not a valid Digi product. So no I would not expect it to work with the 9Xtend.

If you notice, the different products offer different date rates, number of channels and output power. All of these options produce different requirements for FCC certification. So no, I would not expect then to all be interchangeable.

That would be correct. Now if you had asked, what product has the longest range and can communicate with the 900 HP. They would have told you that there is not a product that offers longer range and can talk to the 900 HP.

Sorry, I just used the s to mean plural, I’ve got XBee pro 539 radios. This is too complicated, I think that
XBP9X is for more data and security intensive applications.
I’ve decided to go with the Lora SX1262 for my project, although I’ve got 2 XBee Pro 539 still so I’m sure I’ll use them for something.

Thanks for your help