XBee Pro SX compatible with XBee Pro XTend?

My company has a product that uses the XBee Pro SX (PN: XBP9X-DMUS-001), but I’m having a hard time sourcing more. Will the XBee Pro XTend (PN:XBP9XT-DMUS-001) communicate wirelessly with the XBee Pro SX?

If you install the XB9XT XTC hoppping firmware on the SX or Pro SX, it is compatible with 9Xtend. You can do this with the XCTU utility.

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Would I be able to install the XBee Pro SX firmware onto a XBee Pro XTend Compatible module (PN: XBP9XT-DMUS-001) and have a wireless link with other XBee Pro SX modules (PN: XBP9X-DMUS-001)? Sorry if I’m being confusing, I just found out about the XTend series yesterday. I’m not referring to the XTend vB modules (PN: XTP9B-DMM-001). It seems like the XBP9XT-DMUS-001 and the XBP9X-DMUS-001 are the same part with different firmware, but I wanted to know for sure before buying 50 of them.

No it would not be able to.

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