xbee Pro ZB - SPI - documentation

Hi There,

The Specs clearly states that the xbee zb pro is compatible with SPI interfacing, yet I can find no documentation on the communication protocol.

I did find this doc “An Introduction to SPI on XBee”, but it states that it is only relevant for the S2C, S6 or S8.

Can someone please provide SPI interfacing information for the xbee-pro zb modules?


The only item that can be considered SPI on the XBee ZB or ZB PRO modules is the SIF header that is used for loading the application to the processor.

So you are saying that there is no way to API communicate between the ZB Pro modules and an external MCU?

I guess the spec sheet was very misleading by listing SPI as “I/O Interface”. It would have been nice to know that the SPI was only capable of loading the application and not available to use for the final application API.

What data sheet are you looking at? Can you provide a link to it?

As for API mode, sure you can use either transparent mode or API mode between any module and the device connected to it.


I may have misused the term API. I am referring to being able to tx/rx data using SPI to the xbee module for wireless comm. It sounds like you are saying that this is not possible?

I think there is some confusion. The UART supports either AT or API interface options depending on which firmware you install.

The SPI option is only available to the Programmable versions of the ZB through hole module. In this case, the SPI interface uses what ever you so choose to interface with. The Pins for it can be found on page 19 of the product manual.

The SMT format of the XBee Pro has full Xbee interface support via the SPI. It is documented in the manual quite well. Refer to the SC manual and see what it says. If the manual for your specific device does not have the same information, then maybe it is not supported for that device.