Xbee receive power

I have a application where I need the xbees to behave at their minimum transmit and receive capabilities, I know I can set the power transmision to the lowest with the PL command but can I set the receive power to a minimun value ?


No. Unfortunately, there isn’t the ability to change that.


Thanks fot the response,

Can you think in a way of block part of the signal ? thaks

Hi vicvicvar

If you want to attenuate the signal power at receiving end, then their no exact way for doing this.

But for testing or for experimental purpose you can set the receive power to a minimun value by placing interference on top of the module (metal cans with small holes work reasonably well) – or wrap tin foil around the module and not touching the antenna. Such methods should work fine.

For the second question that you asked in next post,

I would say that Xbee transmits data in a predefined packet format. If you will block it partly then your receiving module may not understand the data packet and will discard it completely.