XBee S1 Arduino not getting Transmit Status after Transmit Request

Hi All

I think this is a question about how the Transmit Status works rather than any architecture/coding problem.

I have two S1 Xbee modules (I know they’re old but they do work) which can communicate quite happily either via XCTU (on an Explorer board) or their parent Arduinos (on a shield). The problem is with what to expect from the Transmit Status. I’m using API mode.

On XCTU, the behaviour is as expected. I can send my Transmit Request and the receiving Xbee instantly replies with a Transmit Status message and I can see this in the terminal of XCTU.

With the Arduino, I get nothing back. The Arduino example code from the Xbee library expects the Transmit Status message but never gets it and I can’t see the message appearing outside the Xbee module using an oscilloscope - I can see the Transmit Request being sent but the Transmit Status seems to never come out of the module so the Arduino will never see it.

I have seen two other questions on this but no replies.

Should I be able to see a Transmit Status being sent between the Xbee module and the Arduino?

Any help would be much appreciated as the documentation seems to expect this to work almost transparently - except it doesn’t happen in my case.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem, did you find a solution ?