Not getting Transmit Status on TX after sending Transmit Request

I have a setup of two XBee3 modules on the ZigBee 3.0 function set, a coordinator (C) and a router (R).

If I use the XCTU tool to send a Transmit Request to R, the message is sent (and received by C), and I get a Transmit Status back from R.

However, if I use anything else (Python w/ pySerial or an embedded MCU) than XCTU to send the Transmit Request to R, the message is still sent and received by C, but I don’t get any Transmit Status back from R.

My python program works like this (warning: code heavily pseudofied)

PORT = serial interface with Xbee Module
while(True) : print(

I know that both my python program and my embedded system works, as I can successfully send frames from C to R, it’s just that whenever I send I don’t get the Transmit Status back.

It should be noted that neither the python or the embedded environment uses the R’s !DTR pin, so I was wondering if that is necessary for interfacing with the module?

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Just to confirm. Could you check frame id? if frame id is 0 than you not receive T status.