Xbee S1 - cutting hardware down to smaller size

Hello all,

I have recently purchased two Xbee S1 with whip antenna and they are working perfectly. I am now designing a casing for the components and would like to know if it would be possible to cut off the “trapezoid” part of the pcb in order to reduce the overall size of the Xbee (i.e. in plan view the xbee shape is a square with a trapezoid placed above it). I’ve noticed from pictures that the 4 metalic pads which are located there are used to attach certain types of antenna, but seeing as my Xbees have the whip antenna I was wondering if this operation would damage the module in any way.

Perhaps a stupid question, so I apologise in advanced!


No you should not cut the end off of the module as it could damage it and will void the warranty as well as affecting the RF signal.