Xbee S1: Losing characters on pin wake from SM5

I am using Sleep Mode 5 with the remote set to poll the coordinator on pin wake up (A1 = 8). I wake up the remote and wait for CTS to go low. If there is a message queued up on the host, I will lose 2 of the characters transmitted from the host if I immediately start sending messages from the remote. I have to wait an additional 35ms or so to allow all of the characters to be received from the host before I start transmitting.

I have tried increasing RO on the remote from the default of 3 but this has little if any impact.

The only workaround I’ve found is to wait long enough for any queued characters on the host to be received before transmitting any characters from the remote.

I believe there should not be any loss of characters received if I start sending characters as soon as CTS goes low. Is this appropriate behaviour?

Firmware version is 1083 on base and remote.

I have the same expiriance, but have no solution on the problem, except to wait a while before sendin the first character

Later versions of firmware do fix a number of problems with the earlier versions. Have you been able to reproduce this under firmware 10C8?