XBee S1 NT timeout value not clear

There is something not clear about the NT command in the XBee S1 Manual:
“…The NT command is used to set the amount of time a base node will
wait for responses from other nodes when using
the ND (Node Discover) command. The NT value
is transmitted with the ND command.
Parameter Range: 0x01 - 0xFC
[x 100 msec]
Default: 0x19 (2.5 decimal seconds)
Remote nodes will set up a random hold-off time based on this time. The remotes will adjust this time down by 250 ms to give each node the ability to respond before the base ends the command. Once the ND command has ended, any response received on the base will be discarded.”

If NT= X msec, does this mean that each module will choose a random hold-off between 250 and X ms to answer the request? if not, what is the criteria for generating the random hold-off time?

I believe what you say is correct, however I think nodes can start responding faster than 250msec. I think all this means (the down by 250msec) is the nodes try to avoid the last 250msec of the time period.

Keep in mind that each node has a slightly different clock-sense. For example if ask 10 nodes to do something in 10 seconds, some will do it in 9.90 seconds, others 10.1 seconds.