Xbee S2 API radio efficiency under lost network conditions (XCTU)

Hi all, first time poster here.
Have a question about frimware settings in X-CTU, I am trying to minimize the power consumption when radios are lost from the Co-ordinator.

I have around ~100 radios connected to a number of Routers which link to the Co-ordinator all programmed in API mode, occasionally we have interferences that cause disconnection of the radios…

My problem is, is that when one or more of the radios losses connection and starts looking for the network again it consumes much more power then when connected thus it drains the battery much faster.

I can modify the period for transmissions using the coordinator/sleepmode if connected to a network, I also have the option of programing these in End Device or Router mode to support radios in the area.

Is there a firmware setting that can modify the period between transmissions for the network requests or make it a more efficient process?


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your answer doesn’t make any sense. Please rephrase.