XBEE S2 Point to Point


I want to use your xbee s2 module which is used in my remote control project.We supply coordinator by main-supply and using in api mode.Handheld device is supplied by battery and using in end device api mode. I have a problem about connecting(pan join) time.I am using end device sleep mode as pin hibernate mode.When the device wake up, hand held device tries to join coordinator.But after 10 second later coordinator send join notification success frame to MCU.Amount of this time is problem for me how can i reduce amount of this time.

Handheld devices must connect more than one coordinator.(But not at same time) Handheld devices have a learn mode and take source address from coordinator.I need to set all coordinators in same PAN(network).Can I do this? Or do you have any advices about my network topology.

Thank you.

Not sure about the slow ‘join time’ - it coudl relate to scanning of many channels to find the coordinator.

While you can have as many coordinators with the same PAN ID, they may (or may not) select different frequencies. Even if say 10 coordinators with the same PAN ID are on the same frequency, they won’t see each other and you’ll find it very difficult to control which of the 10 the end-device joins.

Can you just have 1 coordinator, and ‘N’ routers? That way the end-device just selects a ‘parent’ and talks via it until it loses contact, then it finds another parent on the same PAN/frequency. In all cases with the S2/ZigBee, sending data to DH/DL = 0/0 means the data goes to the coordinator.